Most Wonderful Cat Image In Mythical Scene


Such the most wonderful image as in the world of the mythical  with “Kotleta” A Cat Model with the imagination of The Russian photographer Kristina Makeeva that She let her cat to become a model to reflect the world through her own photos. Kristina tells the boredpanda website that her photo focuses on the imaginary fairytale style.

Even though Many people believe that It is  difficult to make a cat still. But when Kristina try to use her cat as model in her photo shoot. Kotleta has cooperate very well. It may be in the poses that Kristina set up and The Kotleta is the cat that don’t like to go anywhere alone. But sometimes she let it be natural poses of Kotleta that everyone think it looks like he set a poses by himself.

I am so jealous of this cat, that He has a personal professional photographer,Do you?  Each image looks so dreamy and fascination.

More Photos Please see more at Kristina IG 

Model : Kotleta
Photographer : Kristina Makeeva