6 of Some Top Unusual Cat Breeds on Earth



Cats usually look very cuddly, cute and attractive and most people love to keep them as pets. So many different adjectives are used for describing these creatures, but some cats look very weird or rather unusual. These unusual cat breeds look equally attractive and cute like any other pretty looking cat, but what makes these weird cats breeds unusual is their physicality, looks and appearance that most people find interesting. Rampant crossbreeding has led to some rather unusual cat breeds that are unique in their own ways.

The following are a list of weird cats breeds and unusual cat breeds.

Patrick Matte via Flickr.com

1. Sphynx

Sphynx are also referred to as hairless cats with light invisible hair. This cat has a feel of a peach fruit with incredibly short and soft fur. The skin of this cat is visible on the ears, paws, muzzle and the tail. This weird cats breeds was rarely found way back in the year 1966 due to some delays in breeding. Sphynx requires regular grooming even if they do not have any fur on them. You need to bathe them once a week to remove excess oil that forms on their skin and which doesn’t get absorbed by their fur. Excessive oil production makes their skin fragrant. These cats are not hypoallergenic even if they do not have any fur on them. They produce proteins in their saliva and skin oil.

2. Minskins

unusual cat breeds
Kristen Hebert via Pinterest.com

Minskins fall under the dwarf cat breeds. The Minskins are produced by crossbreeding the Munchkin with other cat breeds. They are produced by crossbreeding the Devon Rex Munchkin with the Sphynx cat. The final product has short limbs, and very little fur. These breed of cats require the same amount of grooming as a Sphynx cat and also look very similar to them. This new breed of cat has been there since the year 1998. The Minskins require a munchkin parent with the hair like Devon Rex. This breed uses their intelligence to overcome any difficulties related to heights.

3. The Japanese Bobtail

unusual cat breed
Haley Maultbay via Pinterest.com

This unusual looking cat breed has a tail that resembles a rabbit’s tail. Some cats of this particular breed can hop like rabbits instead of running like cats. The Bobtails were street cats in Japan and come in variety of colors. The calico is the most popular color. These short haired bobtails require little grooming while the longhaired ones need occasional grooming. They are active and love the company of children and always require company in the form of other pets like dogs or even cats or else they can get bored very quickly. This medium sized cat demands constant interaction and will eagerly participate in most family activities. This cat is known to produce quiet meows and chirps and enjoy a game of fetch. The Bobtail breed is one of the liveliest cats around.

4. The Eye Catching Khao Manee

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This cat breed was once considered a royal cat in Thailand. It is an ancient pure bred of the short haired cat belonging to Thailand. The numbers of this cat has been falling in Thailand and breeders are working hard to ensure that this ancient and attractive looking cat breeds do not go extinct. The name Khao Manee means white gem and these cats have white coat with occasional variations appearing. The kittens are born with a dark spot on the top of their head, which disappears by the time they are one year old. Their eyes can be yellow, blue, amber or green and it can take about five months for the original colors to develop. Some cats in this breed have odd colored eyes with one eye blue and the other having any different color. This particular cat with bicolored eyes is considered lucky in Thailand. It is a good lap cat. They have an affectionate nature, intelligent and quite extrovert. These cats also love company and hate to be left alone.

5. Scottish Fold

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Photo credit: The Len/Shutterstock

Well-known for their strange folded ears that appear tiny; the Scottish Fold has a round appearance, which makes them extremely cuddly and cute. The name comes from its folded ears, though these cats are born with straight ears they start folding only after three weeks. The Scottish folds can suffer from bone and cartilage deformities making them a controversial breed. They are easy-going and placid animals. They will shower their affection to their family members and most people find this breed very adorable. They have a very strange way of sleeping, which is much similar to a Buddha position.

6. Munchkin

Theresa Fouche via Flickr.com

A genetic mutation is responsible for the munchkin’s short legs that grow short, though it doesn’t in any way affect their running abilities. The kittens born with two munchkin genes rarely survive and this is one of the prime reasons why this cat breed is not recognized by cat fancier organizations. Due to genetic issues these cats suffer from spinal deformities and have sunken chests. Even though they are considered a breed they have some characteristics of other breed of cats like the Burmese and the Devon Rex.

These above unusual cat breeds look very unusual and may change your perceptions of cat. Selective breeding and genetic factors are all responsible for creating these most unusual cat breeds that are not only limited to the above few breeds.