Some Top Unusual Cat Breeds on Earth


Unusual Cat Breeds

Cats usually look very cuddly, cute and attractive and most people love to keep them as pets. So many different adjectives are used for describing these creatures, but some cats look very weird or rather unusual. These unusual cat breeds look equally attractive and cute like any other pretty looking cat, but what makes these breeds unusual is their physicality, looks and appearance that most people find interesting. Rampant crossbreeding has led to some rather unusual cat breeds that are unique in their own ways.

The following are a list of such weird looking cats and unusual cat breeds.

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Sphynx are also referred to as hairless cats with light invisible hair. This cat has a feel of a peach fruit with incredibly short and soft fur. The skin of this cat is visible on the ears, paws, muzzle and the tail. This unusual cat breed was rarely found way back in the year 1966 due to some delays in breeding. Sphynx requires regular grooming even if they do not have any fur on them. You need to bathe them once a week to remove excess oil that forms on their skin and which doesn’t get absorbed by their fur. Excessive oil production makes their skin fragrant. These cats are not hypoallergenic even if they do not have any fur on them. They produce proteins in their saliva and skin oil.