How To Make A Tiny Stuffed Cat Toys DIY Cat Toys For Cat


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Step By Step DIY Cat Toys

Is your cat birthday? You need A present for your cat, Actually you don’t need to buy an expensive toys for your cats. Here is a step by step how to make a DIY cat toys for your cat. To make this tiny stuffed cat toy .You don’t need sewing skill or drawing skill. If you have all the materials to make this cat soft toy. You can finished it within 10 minute.


1. Felt (Any color that you prefer )

2. Stuffing ( I use Polyester fiberfill)

3. Needle + Thread ( Any color ) Recommend An emboridery tread as it is big and it will make the tiny stuffed toy more beautiful)

4. Scissor

5. Pen or pencil

tiny cat stuffed toy


Step 1.Drawing a pattern , Choose The character you like. I have less drawing skill So The simple teddy bear is easy for me.

Drawing pattern, tiny cat stuffed toy

Step 2. Put two pieces of felt together(Pin it first if you must) and cut out the pattern. 

Step 3. Now you have two pieces of teddy bear, sew it together along the edge. Sewing it around 70% of the whole piece.Note:  Before sewing, If you would like to make an eye, nose and mouth. Please sew it first before sewing the edge.

Step 4. Stuff it as full as you prefer. But don’t fill it too much. Otherwise it gonna come out to be a fat bear. You can add a bit of catnip. I will be sure that your cat will really love this Tiny stuffed animals cat soft toy.

Step 5. You are nearly complete. The last step is sewing to close the opening gap. 

Step 6. DONE ! Congratulation ! Now It’s time to give a cute tiny DIY cat toys for your lovely cat.

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