Rosie The Rescue Kitten and Her Best Friend The Three Huskies


This is a story of cutest friendship,The kitten ‘Rosie’ and the big Husky ‘Lilo’ . Even They are different sizes. But they are a great partners. And Sometimes the kitten Rosie  thinks of herself as a dog. The story begins when one family in California, USA, meets a kitten who is left alone in the middle of the street. They decided to rescue it. They have  Three  Husky dogs at home.

The first night after got the little cat. Rosie was sick and refused to eat. The family think it was necessary to match a little cat with her dog to make it a friend and She will not too lonely, this is a good companion. After that, The little cat is  healthier And can go along well with each other. Rosie likes to eat  dog food . And often go out with the dog on a regular basis.

Sometimes they have to separate them from each other because the Huskies  play with Rosie and forget that Rosie has a little size.

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