Why Do Cats Love Boxes? 12 Facts About Cat In The Box You Probably Didn’t Know


cat in the box

Fun things about the cat in the box

Cat in the box can be nimble, aloof and enigmatic. But, they can also be absolute funny and amusing. Cat’s little flukes can make them the darling of the crowd and startle a laugh trip. By having more time with your cat you can realize how funny they can be. Further, you can also recognize how they act in their own charact

eristics when they get to hang out with you for a long time.

cat in the box

Spending some time with your cat isn’t that too hard to do, while spending with them isn’t that much expensive too. Just by having some fun and creating a happy bond with your cat is one way of releasing stress and boredom. Just a simple box and your cat will definitely blow your day away with laughter and smile.

1. “That’s OK — I didn’t even want to fully sit.”

2. What!!! ” … Don’t look at me like that. I might have  gained some weight.”

Reddit: Ms_Chevious_Cat

Fat cat it is! What makes this funny is the fact that the cat wants to fit inside the small box with its fat round body.


cat in the box

Super cat! This lovely cat stands like a superhero with its superhero box costume.

4. “What happen to my box?”


Tiny it may be, this cat in the box gives you some giggle once you see this scene.

5. Cats like to share

cat in boxLook at these two fluffy cats, just by their look can instigate happy thoughts to you and your family.

6. Don’t get me wrong. This is my Cave.


cat in the boxFitting room! This cat got tired of letting itself fit in the box.

7. cats just love to sleep in the box

cat in the boxOh what a cute fluffy and fury feline it is. That big round face covered with furs and whiskers while trying to fit inside the box makes this scene very funny.

8. This is what you call cat’s version of group hug in a box.

cat in the boxOne of the reason is that cats like to keep snug. Cat in the box like the temperature at between 30 and 36 degrees Celsius.

9. Some cats like it in pink.

cat in the boxBarbie cat! This cat acts like Barbie waiting for its Ken! The cat flaunts its pink box car with style.

10. Give that to me, is mine…

cat in the box

Love to hide and play in the box.

11. Fat cat in the box..

cat in the box

Fury ball! Is this a cat or a fur ball? This cat rolls its body just to fit inside the blue box.

12. Oh, and we all agree they are also adorable.


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