20 Weird Facts About Cats You Probably Didn’t Know


Cats are extremely popular pets around the world and they have overtaken dogs in this department as the most preferred pet. Apparently, most people know very limited facts about cats. They are not aware of a lot of weird facts about cats. The following article will give you an insight into 20 weird facts about cats that you didn’t know.

1Cats hate Sugar


Sense of taste in cats is not very impressive because they need meat as compared to sweets. Unlike dogs, cats don’t crave for sugary food. They don’t have a sweet tooth. There have been a few researches conducted by scientists to understand the reason behind this.


They reached at a conclusion that cats have a mutation within their key taste receptors that has eliminated their cravings for sweet food. Cats are carnivores by nature and they receive their share of energy from meat proteins instead of carbohydrates.