cool cat marking

20 cat markings (cool cats with fur markings)

Cats have been around for decades. They’ve been making a lot of buzz in the internet because of their unusual but cool cat fur...
cat paws

Some Interesting Facts About Cat Paws

On a closer look, the cat paws look very cute and soft. Most of us would have been tempted at least once to touch...

The Cat Standing On Two Legs Using Toilet Like Human

This video, was filmed in Canada, as you can see the Cat is sitting on top of the toilet seat, apparently, this is...

Aristocats Names for your Feline Friend

The Aristocats Names for your Feline Friend to bring back Nostalgic Memories of your Childhood Naming your feline friend is a very personal and private...

Different Type of Cats What KIND OF CATS Are You?

Different Type Of Cats There is different type of cats and most cats have something unique about them. They come in various colors, patterns and...
cat hiding

Almost Nobody Could Find The Cat Hiding In These Pictures

Can You Find The Cat From These Pictures??? Cat owners are always worried about the well-being of their cats and would not want any harm...
fat cat

20 Fat Cats That You Will Certainly Wish To Cuddle Right now

These fat cats are so adorable and super cute. Some felines look so huge because of amount of a fluffy hair, But...
cat afraid

Why Are Cats Afraid Of Green Cucumber?

Cat and Cucumber They say cats have 9 lives and if this is true, then people who scare this fury little creatures might take away...
funny Japanese cat

Funny Pic : A Japanese Cat life and A Drainage

Because Cats always think they are like a liquid that's why they love holes or a boxes. Let's see the funny cat pic from Japan,...
cat bath

Photos of Cats Bathing Moments The Good and The Hard

Cat Bath (cats bathing moments the good and the hard) Cats are noted for being well-groomed animals. As such, they have the tendency to groom...

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