Cat Breeds List


For Cat Lovers, Here We gather all information about popular cat breeds around the world.It is good for you to know the characteristics, Personality and how to take care of each cat breed. So you can choose the perfect cat that match you most. And You will be happy together with your lovely pet.

American Bobtail

The American Bobtail cat has a unique and wild appearance, but they are extremely intelligent and loving cat breeds. They were not commonly found before the 1960s, but the breed got prominence only after the 60s. This is a medium to large sized cat with a short tail.


American curl

A native cat breed of America and have originated in California. This is a medium sized cat with a uniquely shaped ear that curls backwards in an arc at the tip. This type of ear gives this cat an alert look. This strange set of ears also gives the cat a happy and an energetic expression, which can make anybody seeing them smile.


Abyssinian Cat

Abyssinians resembles the famous sculptures and paintings of ancient Egyptian cats that had elegant beautiful, muscular body with an arched neck, beautifully shaped eyes that look very much like an almond and large sized ears. The Abyssinians have retained some of the features and characteristics of the African wild cat.


American Shorthair

The American shorthair’s history dates back around 300 years. The roots of this cat breed began in England as a common domestic cat. The shorthair is known for its ability to control pests at home especially rodents. The American shorthair is native to the United States, but this cat breed was crossbred using cats that originated in Europe.


American Wirehair

American Wirehair is a domestic cat breed with its origins in America. This breed was formed due to a spontaneous mutation in a farm litter in upstate Newyork. Though a spontaneous mutation is not common, but it is not a rare phenomenon. The American wirehair cat is a regular breed of medium built, but with a wiry coat that runs through its whole body.

Bengal Cat

The Bengal cat is famous for their soft, short and luxurious coat. The coat can appear in spotted that resembles a leopard as well as in marble pattern. Some cats have a golden shine on their coat, which gives a good shine for their hair.



Balinese Cat

The Balinese is a long haired domestic cat breed with a Siamese style color point. This cat breed is a mutation of the Siamese breed.These royal looking cat breed will behave like a clown and also own a huge loving heart.It has a good combination of intelligence, pointed color patterns, silky coat, softer voice, robust body, and also sheds less like the Siamese.


Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex is a domestic cat breed with no hair except for the undercoat. Cornish Rex has curls on its fur, which is a result of a genetic mutation that is varied from the Devon Rex cat breed.The Cornish Rexes have originated from Cornwall, England.