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20 of The World’s Most Expensive Cat Breeds, Costing Up To $100,000


most expensive cat breeds a 20 of The World’s Most Expensive Cat Breeds, Costing Up To $100,000

World’s Most Expensive Cat Breeds

There is always a good demand for exotic animals all around the world. Exotic animal includes some animals that can be kept as pets. These exotic pets are definitely attractive and command a high value in the pet market. There is a whole range of exotic animals that can be kept at home as pets, depending on the size of your home. Cats are one such species that are not only great as pets, but also come in many exotic and expensive breeds.

Since cats have overtaken dogs as the most popular pet in the United States, the demand for the exotic and hybrid varieties of cat breeds have also increased manifold. Some of These most expensive cat breeds are hybrid varieties that are unique due to their special physical qualities. Depending upon the size of your house and your budget you can choose from the numerous varieties of exotic cat breeds that are one of a kind.

Some of these cat breeds need special care and attention while others do not need any special care. Some of these breeds have unique spots and patterns that are a part of their physical characteristics. The cats in this category are small as well as large; some have long hair while some don’t have hair at all. These cats are not only costly to maintain and care, but are a cause of envy in the neighborhood. If you own one of these you will surely notice many heads turning. The cost of these exotic cats can go up to $100,000 for the large ones. Since these breeds possess some unique physical characteristics that are different from the others, they need good medical care and attention. Many people are wary of these breeds because of their looks and size, but apart from their physical features that are unique; these breeds are as friendly and caring as any other regular cat breed. A lot of these breeds are crossed with different breeds or bred within a close gene pool. Identify the best breed that suits your temperament and budget before you get one of these to your abode.

The following are the list of some of the world most expensive cat breeds with their unique personality and looks.

most expensive cat breeds 20 of The World’s Most Expensive Cat Breeds, Costing Up To $100,000
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15#1. Norwegian Forest Cat, up to $3,000.

norwegian forest cat2 20 of The World’s Most Expensive Cat Breeds, Costing Up To $100,000

As the name suggests the Forest cat belongs to Norway and are known as Skogkatt in their native place. These are large and semi-longhaired cat with a rugged appearance that matches with its name. Even though they are named forest cat, these hardy cats are very homely enjoying the company of other pets and humans in the household. The Forest cats have featured in various legends and stories in Norway. The Norwegian Forest cat is a good hunting cat and has been used by a lot of farmers and in various households to get rid of rodents.

The Norwegian Forest cat is one of the most expensive cat breeds and the kittens can cost up to $3,000. This is a loving, gentle, sensitive, social, and intelligent breed. They can easily adapt to any new changes. Although they love human company these cats can at times be reserved when there are visitors at home. They have a very quiet voice and will raise their voice when they need anything to eat and if he is ignored by his owners. As always it is safe to keep these cats indoors. The Norwegian Forest cat takes time to mature, which take a minimum of five years. These cats are physically capable of adjusting to harsh and extreme weather conditions. These are large sized cats weighing 10 to 22 pounds with females slightly smaller than the males.

They are good climbers and reach high places inside the house with a lot of ease. They can climb trees and other high areas effortlessly. Since these cats are from cold regions, they are equipped with water-repellant coat and hence can get inside a pool for fishing unlike other cats. They are intelligent, smart and alert by nature. Brushing or combing their long hair once or twice a week is enough to prevent tangling of their long hair. The coat comes in every possible color and patterns with the exception of lavender and chocolate.



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